A thousand miles in, then a recall

A long-tail bike is something I had long dreamed of owning. For me, this style of bike is the truck all guys want. With two kids and the desire to reduce my carbon footprint, it made sense to purchase one.

A thousand miles later I do not regret the choice. I purchased a Rad Power Bikes Radwagon 4 back in April. Since then, I have ridden over 200 miles a month. An electric bike, as I’ve written about in the past, it is a savior to my back when loaded down with two kids.

As fall is around the corner and wildfire smoke sits heavy in the valley, I am minimally concerned about winter commuting logistics. Winter riding in Reno is mostly dealing with a deep dry cold. Occasionally we have rain and snow.

Yesterday I received an email from Rad Power Bikes about the stock tires on the bike being faulty and to “immediately stop riding the bike.” This bike has become a second vehicle for my family and is a major kid schlepper.

I knew my tires were suspect and had already ordered a pair of moped tires. I spent last evening installing them and am observing the impact to the motor and riding on today’s commute, san children.

The tires are noticeably heavier and as a result, undoubtedly slower. However, the added security in the rain may be worth it. Time will tell how the tires will strain the motor and battery life.

Purchasing this bike, I knew the weak point was the tires. They are custom designed and built for this bike only, presenting a challenge when replacing tubes and tires. But the cost was a major deciding factor, and the overall quality of this bike and the cost made it a worthwhile purchase.

As I wait for replacement tires, provided by Rad Power Bikes at no charge, I will continue riding towards another 1,000 miles.



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Richard Bednarski

With a background in Anthropology and Photography, I hold a Master’s Degree in Journalism. My goal is to illustrate the #ClimateCrisis through storytelling.